Bodrum Turkish bath is in central of Bodrum(opposite of bus station) which is hamam built with Stone. It provide service to men and women  in separete place  in the same time to use Turkish bath first is the dressing room and locker area. After undressing you can store your clothes and valuables  in your own locker. You then wrap your body in the large ‘’peştamal’’ a traditional towel that is provided to you before walking to the hot bathing area. The hot area contains a large heated marble platform that you may sit or lie on the help your body begin to perspire. The person who serves you will scrub your body and give massage. After scrub and washing service you can lie on the marble platform to sweat  and relax, if you want.

It takes about one or one and half hours. (Scrub and washin service is 15 minutes) but you can stay in hot bathing area as long as you want, if you choose self-service. You can lie on the marble platform.